Did we all do our happiness practices yet?

The time is three in the afternoon here in Chicago, and I have been up and energized since 4 am. What a miracle!

Yes, I meditated. Twice. Thank you very much.

My regular iPhone is at a silent retreat. It knows we got work to do! I use another older, larger iPhone that I found in one of our closets as my writing and editing phone. No cell service on this one. Hashtag blessed.

Will I exercise today?

That is to be determined.

Yesterday I got in the workout zone and did an hour plus of DDP Yoga and finished that off with a thirty-minute far-infrared sauna session. I gotta keep this premium beef tenderized!

Today is more of a mind zone while I let the body do what it do. I have been writing and editing all day long. So much fun! The creative, focused zone is the best zone of all time.

It looks like today will be a walk day.

I still gotta appreciate, chant, and reframe. We will see how all that goes. When you are already feeling happy, you need less of those tasks.

Do the things that make you feel good every single day and keep adding happiness-producing activities until your whole day is fun. That is our goal. Make every day a happy day.

You forget to eat, drink, bathe, and floss by the time it is evening because you are in that super ultra premium zone.

You know the zone I’m talkin’ about!