Winning is an all the time thing. So we win all the time.

We wake up and give thanks. Thank you spirit for waking us up. Thank you bed for providing us with a comfortable and luxurious place to rest our bodies.

Thank you heart for pumping and putting in that work all night long. Thank you for being on the clock 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, forever and ever more.

Lungs. Thank you! Large intestine. Small intestine. Liver and gally b. We love all y’all.

Pancreas. Stomach. Spleen. Come on. How great are you guys! The best ever.

Bladder. You so zone! Kidneys, adrenals. Love y’all for real.

Appendix. Red blood cells. White blood cells. Brain. Of course. Brain! Eyes, ears, nose thank you for breathing while we slept.

Bones and muscles and tendons. Come on. Best ever. Thank you for growing and regenerating and becoming stronger.

My body is a wonderful miraculous being and I am so thankful for this body for being my companion for this game of physical life. Best body ever.

We started the day with positive thoughts and self appreciation because we are winners. Winners are thankful so we are gonna be super thankful. We are thankful for every second of every day.

Lovely stomach, I heard you loud and clear. Food incoming right away!

Let us be thankful. Let us count our blessings. Let us count every positive think in every thing and every one in our lives. Let us be appreciative. Let us be happy and rejoice. And have a fun time winning and winning more today. Best day ever.