Let’s f’n win. Most people in the world will not do yoga today. But we will. Most folks in the world are also hoping that we don’t work out today as well. But we will work out anyways.

The elite folks are working out today. So we will also work out. We will join their ranks.

Many folks are working out and hope that we will skip today so that they can beat us. But we know all the tricks. We know all the games. We win. And we win again.

We stay motivated. We stay inspired. We stay winning. We stay fit. We stay ready.

And I am doing yoga right now because I want to. My body loves yoga. So I will do yoga. My body loves a good stretch. So I will do a good stretch.

We are winners and winners work out. So naturally we also work our because we are winners. We stay winning. We stay on the path no matter what.

Let’s go!