I am absolutely loving the mega exercise streak I am now on and it is a big momentum of awesomeness.

It started with thinking first.

I thought about exercising and loving it. I thought about exercise being easy. I imagined myself being that person.

I wrote about exercising in my journal. How fun it is to move and stretch and get stronger. How I love it. How I am now a body guy. I am an exercise guy. Exercising is natural and easy for me.

My dreams have come true. My legs are the strongest they have ever been. My lungs and heart have quickly adapted and gotten infinitely stronger. I am the most flexible I have ever been in my life. I can touch my toes and my feet!

Life is wonderful. I have become an exercise guy. I have become a body guy. I have built in exercise into my day and it fits in perfectly.

I do cardio on the treadmill. A combination of walking, jogging, and running. 30 minutes of pure joy and excitement.

Every time, I push a little bit more, always listening to my body. I check in with my legs and heart and lungs and see how they are all doing. It is my precheck as I get on the treadmill and walk.

How we feeling today, my dear legs? What do you think? 2 minutes straight run today? It started with 15 seconds not too long ago. 15 seconds of running. Now I can knock out 2 minutes straight of running, easy. Light work.

I check in with my heart. How are the beats per minute? How does my heart feel. What does it recommend? Keep going? Okay. Take a rest? Okay.

My “wind”, as they say, has improved rapidly thanks to my wonderfully powerful and adaptive lungs.

So I do this type of cardio on most days. Walk then jog. Walk then run. Walk then jog. Walk fast, then walk slower. Before I know it, 30 minutes have passed by quickly, easily, enjoyably!

Sometimes I have music on. Sometimes it is pure mind zone. The whole time I am doing zone talk with my self. I talk to my body. I talk to my organs. I talk to my limbs. I talk to my self about how easy this is, how awesome I am doing, and how I am a body guy.

I picture myself jacked and slabbed up. Slabs on slabs on slabs of muscle. I picture myself running easily, even while walking.

Then on nearly all days, I will do a session of yoga. It is still remarkable how fast my body adapts and changes from day to day. Every day, my body becomes more flexible and limber and strong and I can do more then before. I love doing yoga. My body loves doing yoga. This takes about 20-30 minutes and it is pure bliss.

And on all days, I will also have a walking session. A minimum of 30 minutes and as high as 40-60 minutes.

I am becoming more and more of a body guy every single day. And I love it and I am so proud of my self and my body. I wake up every morning feeling even more fantastic than the day prior.

I no longer see “exercise” as a separate thing I do. It is part of me. I move. I run. I stretch. I am a body guy. It has become who I am. I have committed to investing 90 minutes a day towards my body and I do it daily.

Walk. Run. Yoga. Repeat.

Life is fantastic and I am happy.