Something interesting happened to me today. On the internal.

I was listening to sports talk and heard the news that a bunch of basketball players were complaining about their “bubble” situation. The hotel rooms were not clean enough or big enough or fancy enough. The food was not up to their standards. Some players said they felt like they were heading into jail to do time!

I could not believe what I was hearing!!

Being paid millions of dollars to play a game with my friends and peers seems like fun and awesome to me. Some folks would love to get away from their family and head into a hotel resort with pampering and great weather.

Then I thought about my life. It is easy for me to criticize others yet I also had been complaining about my life. It made me look inwards. My life is quite fabulous by many standards. In what ways am I complaining and criticizing about what I don’t have?

How can I remedy that? What are all the blessings in my life? What are the things that I appreciate and am thankful for? There is a lot. It could take all day or many days to count all my blessings!

And whatever I appreciate multiplies. So it is to my benefit to give praise and thanksgiving for every little thing that I am blessed to have.