Source created all. Source is in everything and everything is in Source. Source is flowing thru me just like Source is flowing thru all others. The same creative powers that Source has, I also have.

Physical reality is a slowed down version of the Non Physical reality. Creation happens the same way in Physical reality as it does in Non Physical reality. Creation happens through thought and focus and intention. The Mind creates everything.

In the Non Physical reality, thoughts and focus cause instant manifestations. In the Physical reality, there is a time delay.

In the Physical reality, like in the Non Physical reality, I get what I think about – but often it happens after a period of time after I have thought it.

Every thought I am having right now is creating my future. I can know if I am creating a wanted future or an unwanted future by the way I feel right now.

Emotions are the fastest of manifestations. I can shift the way I feel about any topic quite quickly by thinking about it differently until I feel better. When I feel better, it is a sign that better manifestations about that topic are in store for me in the near or distant future.

I can always undo yesterday’s thought-work by thinking differently today. Thus it is beneficial for me to think with clarity and consistency rather than haphazardly.

For example, if I want to be a basketball player, it is beneficial to think about being in the NBA and winning NBA championships rather than think about soccer one day, hockey the second day, football the third day, and back to basketball on the fourth day. Ideally, it would be thoughts about basketball all day, every day.

Focus. Clarity. Concentration. Attention.

The currency of creation is Thoughts. A bunch of Thoughts that I keep thinking is known as Belief. I have Beliefs about many subjects and those Beliefs create my past, current, and future reality.

Beliefs are usually picked up from other people and reconfirmed by my Self through real life manifestations. Usual places people pick up beliefs about every subject is through their parents, siblings, relatives, neighbors, teachers, peers. Other places include media such as tv, radio, movies, magazines, newspapers, and books. Eyes and Ears are the input tools for incoming Beliefs from others. Some Thoughts and Beliefs can also be picked up telepathically.

Many Beliefs can also be self created as I think for myself about different subjects.

The Goal is to create my own beneficial Beliefs about every subject. Health, Wealth, Love, and Self Expression. The Four major categories of Life.

Just where are Beliefs stored? I wondered. Where is the code written and stored? How do I rewrite the code?

Beliefs are certainly not stored in my Conscious Mind. At least that is my experience.

Beliefs must be saved and stored somewhere and the likely place is in my Subconscious Mind.

Just where is the Subconscious Mind? Some say that the physical body is the Subconscious Mind and others say that the Subconscious Mind is located at the Solar Plexus (gut). Either way, it must be located some place on my person as I am the only person who creates my own reality. I am carrying my Beliefs with me everywhere I go.

How do I change my Beliefs? There are many things I Believed as a child that I no longer Believe now. So changing a Belief is possible.

There are many techniques.

Affirmations (repeating positive statements).

Visualization (picturing a new situation).

Hypnosis (relaxing the Conscious mind in order to easily program the Subconscious).

Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping on various acupuncture points while reframing negative thoughts and thinking positive ones).

Reading the written word of other people (books, magazines, blogs, etc). Hearing the spoken word of other people (audio). Seeing images combined with words and audio (video).

I can be convinced by my self (self suggestion) or by others (outer suggestion). I can do it myself or with the help of an experienced professional or both.

Beliefs are simply Thoughts. When I think differently about a subject and a different Belief has been created, my outer reality will reflect that. Maybe today, tomorrow, or a month from now. The Time seems to be out of my hands.

This is my current understanding of The Law of Mind aka The Law of Attraction.