Am I a slave to my genetics? My childhood?

My astrological birth chart? The lines on my palms? My thumbprints? Predictions made by “seers”?

The current position of the planets and stars? The direction my house is facing?

Am I bound to repeat my past? What about my past lives? Am I to constantly repeat my habits? And am I stuck in my present circumstances?

Or am I in full control of my destiny?

I found myself telling old stories over and over again even though I intellectually understand the Law of Creation. Old stories of childhood, genetics, and birth charts. Limiting beliefs.

The Law of Creation states that the power is in the present now moment. What I choose to think right now creates my future.

There are no fine-prints that say that I am bound by the past or genetics or feng shui. I literally get what I choose to think and believe. That is the full Law of Attraction.

Others cannot create for me or into my life, unless I choose to let them influence me thru their beliefs or think of them.

The steering wheel of my life is and always has been firmly in my hands.