Some spiritual teachers say that I have to make a clear decision about what I want.

If I want a red pickup truck, I have to think about a red pickup truck, the exact make and model. I also have to tell my gps exactly where I want to go before it will give me directions. And when I get on the elevator, I must the choose the floor before it will move. I must choose what I want from the menu of life before the waiter delivers. In this type of teaching, there is free will and I create my reality according to my desires. If I don’t make a decision, nothing happens.

Some spiritual teachers say that I am not to make any decisions but to allow the decisions to come to me. I surrender to what is the right path for me according to Spirit.

If that means I get a red pickup truck, great. If I get a blue bike instead, great. That is what Spirit wanted me to have in this moment. In this type of teaching, there is a Divine Plan for me and my goal is to align with that plan.

I think both groups of teachers are saying the same thing in different ways. Yes, I must make a decision. Yes, I must also allow.

Why do I want a red pickup truck?

Maybe I don’t have a mode of transportation right now or want a better one. Maybe it is for status reasons, to impress others. Maybe it is for utility reasons, a pickup truck can do things other types of cars cannot. Maybe for emotional reasons, it will make me happy.

Depending on the reason, Spirit will provide what I need for that moment. If I simply just needed a mode of transport, a blue bike may appear. If I am fixated on a red pickup truck, I may miss the other solution provided by Source. The Spirit may answer my request in ways I may not recognize if I am fixated on my own version of the solution. That is what the Surrender teachers are saying.

Yet, I must make a clear decision first before anything moves. I must decide that wonderful health is for me. I must decide that lots of money is for me. I must decide that joy and happiness is for me. I must decide that I want a better transportation method. Otherwise, the default choice may not be to my liking.

“We are stubborn on vision. We are flexible on details.” Jeff Bezos says about his company,

So it is okay to want a red pickup truck. It is also okay to get a blue bike for the moment. My vision will remain clear and decisive and stubborn. The details are flexible. And being flexible feels good!