I am a master focuser.

I only see what I want to see. I only hear what I want to hear. All of my outer senses have been well trained to seek and find only what I want.

What do I want? Happiness, ease, abundance, good tidings, silver linings, solutions, beauty, comfort, prosperity, positivity, opportunities, and success.

My mind is the master charioteer and my outer senses are my well-trained thoroughbred horses. We go only where I want to go and we get there with ease and speed and comfort.

Focusing is my master skill. Every morning, I wake up and focus on what I want. All day, I focus on what I want. At night, I focus on what I want as I fall asleep. I am a focuser.

My inner senses are also well-trained. I repaint my outer reality with my inner senses. I paint everything as success and blessings. I paint everyone as my ally. I feel everything working out in my favor.

I see beauty and abundance with my inner eyes. I hear wonderful news with my inner ears. I smell luscious scents with my inner nose. I taste delicious food and drinks with my inner tongue. I feel special cloth with my inner skin.

I am a fully focused supreme being.